About TCDC

The Tompkins County Development Corporation (TCDC) was established at the request of TCAD by the Tompkins County Legislature in 2010 to serve as a conduit to the tax-exempt bond market for local not-for-profit employers. While no credit enhancement is offered by the TCDC or the County, bonds issued by the TCDC provide lower interest rates than conventional financing.

The establishment of the TCDC recognizes the critical role not-for-profits employers play in the local economy. The TCDC mirrors the TCIDA in fundamental polices,
procedures and board membership.

The primary mission of the Tompkins County Development Corporation (TCDC) is to promote economic development initiatives in Tompkins County by offering tax-exempt bonding opportunities to not-for-profit organizations.

The Tompkins County Development Corporation is managed by TCAD. Please contact Heather McDaniel, Administrative Director of TCDC, 607-273-0005.